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Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc. (Risk & Needs) is a subsidiary of Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS), a psychological test publishing company that develops, standardizes and contracts its assessment instruments or tests. Risk & Needs initial focus was on criminal justice, court, probation and corrections tests, however, it now offers all of BDS tests (over 40 juvenile and adult tests) in Windows (diskette or USB flash drives) or over our Internet testing platform (

Risk & Needs clients include court assigned assessors, probation departments, outpatient services, treatment centers, DUI/DWI offender assessment, diversion programs, corrections, etc. Risk & Needs test users include psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, counselors, mental health professional and others.

Risk & Needs tests are appropriate for juvenile and adult male, female, misdemeanor or felony assessments. Risk & Needs tests can be administered individually or in groups. Regardless of how tests are administered, all tests are computer scored with printed reports available within minutes on-site.

All Risk & Needs tests have a website and all of these websites are set forth on Each test’s internal and peer reviewed research is set forth on An example report of each test is available on that tests website, along with cost and descriptive materials.