Driver risk tests filter out or identify drivers (male and female) with problems that exacerbate or increase their driving risk. Such problems include substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse, a poor driving record (aggressive, irresponsible and careless drivers), problem minimization and denial, co-determinants, etc.

The purpose of this website is to introduce visitors to the Driver Risk Inventory-II (DRI-II) a popular DUI/DWI offender screening test; the Driver Impairment Index (DII), a new California DUI violator test; and the Reinstatement Review Inventory (RRI), one of the very few, if not dthe only, drivers license reinstatement test.

Each of these tests (DRI-II, DII, RRI) has its own Truthfulness Scale, Alcohol Scale and Drugs Scale. Each of these tests also has other scales (measures) to fill out the violator's profile.

The following driver risk tests are represented by name and that tests name is a link to that tests webpage or website. To begin your search click on the link that is of interest to you.