Anger Violence Tests

The purpose of this website is to help evaluators (courts, assessors, probation officers, assessment administrators, parole officers, counselors, mental health professionals, etc.) locate anger-violence tests that will meet their needs. Violence is extreme anger that can be lethal. When excessive and uncontrolled anger is directed against persons or property, it is called violence and often results in destructive damage, severe injury and injustice.

All tests recommended on this website contain a Violence Scale, Truthfulness Scale (to determine client truthfulness when tested) and an Alcohol Scale as well as a Drugs Scale. Other Scales (measures) are included to complete the client’s (patient or offender's) anger-violence profile.

Juvenile and Adult “anger-violence tests” are identified by name and that tests name is a link to that tests webpage or website. To begin your search, click on the link that is of interest to you.