THE CANNABIS (Marijuana) Use Severity ( is a self-report Cannabis (Marijuana) usage screen, assessment instrument or test.

Cannabis Screen

This website introduces the Cannabis Use Severity, a 139 item, self-report assessment instrument or test. The Cannabis Use Severity (CPS) takes on average 25 minutes to complete. From data (test answers) entry, it takes 3-minutes or less to computer score and print the three page Cannabis Use Severity (CPS) report.

Canada brought to an end nearly a century of Cannabis prohibition in 2018 when it legalized recreation Cannabis (Marijuana) use. In the wake of Canada's legalization, more U.S. states are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. As Cannabis use becomes more popular, widespread questions will arise regarding individuals, patients and offenders in marijuana involvement. To help clarify an individuals involvement with Cannabis (marijuana), the Cannabis Use Severity was developed.