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Behavior Data Systems

Valid, Reliable, and Accurate Assessment Instruments or Tests

Behavior Data Systems (BDS) is a psychological test publishing company that develops, standardizes and markets its assessment instruments or tests throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. BDS’s Internet testing website ( makes its tests available internationally in several languages. BDS offers over 40 juvenile and adult tests, with assessments for clients, patients, defendants, offenders, probationers, inmates and others.

Measuring Truthfulness

There are many terms that address truthfulness within the context of assessment, e.g., denial, problem minimization, misrepresentation, untruth, evasion, falsification, etc. Truthfulness and denial among patients/offenders is discussed more thoroughly in the psychological literature… Read More

To ensure that these valid, reliable, accurate, and affordable assessments instruments are readily available to test users, BDS signed an exclusive Internet testing contract with Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. ( to offer BDS tests over Online Testing’s Internet testing platform.

This website sets forth Behavior Data Systems (BDS) and its subsidiaries Risk & Needs and Online Testing tests internal and peer reviewed research. Parties interested in using BDS tests in their test-related research are encouraged to contact BDS via our Contact page.