Anger Agression Violence Assessment

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The Anger Aggression Violence Assessment (AAVA) is an evidence based self-report assessment instrument or test that focuses on anger, aggression and violence, which are characterized as being on an emotional continuum.

The AAVA is designed for both clinical practice (patients) and criminal justice (offender) violence assessments.

AAVA Domain (Scales)

Truthfulness Scale

Measures client (patient/offender) honesty while they are completing their test.

Aggression Scale

Aggression text here.

Alcohol Scale

Measures alcohol use and the severity of abuse.

Violence Scale

Violence text here.

Anger Scale

Anger text here.

Stress Management Scale

Measures how well the individual copes with stress.

Drug Scale

Measures illicit (non-prescription) and licit (prescription) drug use and as warranted – abuse.